The Antigone PoemsThe Antigone Poems

'These poems are...visceral in two ways: in the manner of a punch to the gut, and in an instinctive reaction to pieces of flesh slapping together. One image seems violent and the other sensual, but Ms. Slaight is able to apply them interchangeably... they effectively knock the wind out of me or make me swallow hard...' - Celina Cuadro

‘Haunting...a disturbingly poignant and startlingly vivid portrait of one woman’s suffering in the face of pain and heartbreak. It will surely not be forgotten after the turn of the last page.’ - The San Francisco Book Review

‘...All in all, an amazing book. I highly recommend it to all lovers of poetry and fans of Greek tragedy. Excuse me while I relax under the Greek sun, to read through this remarkable book for a fourth time.’ - Jessica Bell, editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal

' the defiant daughter of the House of Thebes the soul that Sophocles could not.' - New Pages

'Divided into five chapters, Slaight’s stark, simple writing speaks volumes about pain, love, suffering and eroticism. The poetry is dark and sensual, occasionally disconcerti...' - The Portland Book Review

'Layered within a spiral of symbols and recurring images are all the themes of the original myth and the tragic Greek play: war, death, love, eros, betrayal, rebellion, punishment, exile, hopelessness, silence' - Englewood Review of Books